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Top reason why you should hire a professional photographer to cover your wedding in Kolkata!

A few days back, a friend of mine was telling me how he lost his wedding memories because of one bad decision. My friend got married last year. During the time when he was planning everything for his wedding, he got in touch with me and many other top wedding photographers in Kolkata for wedding photography. At the time of our discussion, I understood that he was spending a lot on the wedding venue, wedding decorations, wedding dresses and food. And, he wanted to save on wedding photography. I tried to convince him to allocate a higher amount for photography as it was something which will stay forever with him. But, alas, he wasn’t ready to do so. Considering his wedding photography budget, I had to skip that project as the amount was way below my starting package. He didn’t even get any other good wedding photographer in Kolkata in that budget.

He went ahead and booked an inexperienced photographer who never did photography at any wedding before. He did some bridal shoots in controlled environments and that my friend got influenced with those works. Little did he know that there is a huge difference between bridal shoots and wedding photography in Kolkata. The best thing according to my friend was that he was saving more!

When the photographer delivered his wedding photographs, my friend was shattered seeing the output. He was then lamenting because of his decision but by that time his memories were gone! When he showed me his wedding photographs, I found that the photographer he hired didn’t even have the minimum technical knowledge about photography.

Bengali weddings in Kolkata are quite challenging. Therefore, you should always look for the best wedding photographers in Kolkata for quality work. It’s apparent that you will have to spend more but the output that you will be getting would be a rewarding experience for you!


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Wedding Photobooks

Bring your wedding memories to life with premium photobooks!

The importance of wedding photographers is known to everyone. They play a pivotal role in photographing the beautiful moments of a couple marriage. You will be spending a lot on your wedding dresses and decorations and shall try your best to make every arrangement for your wedding to be perfect. You also might engage a reputed wedding photography team to cover your wedding. However, everything shall fail if you miss out on selecting the perfect wedding photobook.

Your wedding day memories are precious. They, therefore, deserve a beautiful home. Our premium range of handcrafted photobooks not only serve this purpose but can also bring the memories of the eventful day back to life! The photobooks are unique, printed with the finest of care, quality and craftsmanship and are quite different from the ones available in the market. They come with varied cover options and is packed into a pinewood presentation box.


Want to give your wedding moments a special place to breathe in? Get in touch with us.

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Reasons that make Candid Wedding Photography in India Expensive!

A wedding is an important day in a person’s life. Lots of arrangements and preparations go in during a wedding planning process. Everybody wants their wedding day to be perfect. Therefore, they do everything possible to make it a grand success. However, if you don’t hire the best candid wedding photographers in Kolkata, then, your wedding day memories could be at stake!


Candid Photography versus Traditional Photography

Before hiring a wedding photographer in Kolkata, you need to be very clear about your requirements. The first thing that you need to decide is whether you should go for traditional wedding photography or candid wedding photography. Well, these are the two approaches that professional wedding photographers follow these days.

If you opt for traditional wedding photography, you will end up getting mostly posed photographs. The photographs may look good in terms of colours, but they would lack emotions. Such photographs are usually static and there won’t be anything exclusive that would compel you to say ‘wow’. In short, the wow factor would be missing in the traditional photographs.

Candid wedding photography, on the other hand, is more about telling beautiful wedding stories with photographs. The best candid wedding photographers would never ask you to pose in front of the camera. They are proficient in taking natural photographs of an event. They don’t believe in disturbing a scene and documents them as they are! The emotions of joy, fun and laughter get documented in their pristine form. Emotions are the souls of any photograph and if you have the top wedding photographers in Kolkata by your side on your wedding day, you will be getting lots of storytelling images of your wedding!

Candid photography requires more effort. And, candid wedding photographers would give you better photographs than the traditional wedding photographers. This is why they cost more!




It is, therefore, necessary that you employ the services of the best photographers to get some amazing candid photographs. The presentation of photographs also plays an important role in storytelling. Therefore, you should hire somebody on your wedding who has very good presentation skills. You should also opt for high-end premium photobooks because that would help you recollect the joyous memories of your wedding day!