Wedding Photographers

Top reason why you should hire a professional photographer to cover your wedding in Kolkata!

A few days back, a friend of mine was telling me how he lost his wedding memories because of one bad decision. My friend got married last year. During the time when he was planning everything for his wedding, he got in touch with me and many other top wedding photographers in Kolkata for wedding photography. At the time of our discussion, I understood that he was spending a lot on the wedding venue, wedding decorations, wedding dresses and food. And, he wanted to save on wedding photography. I tried to convince him to allocate a higher amount for photography as it was something which will stay forever with him. But, alas, he wasn’t ready to do so. Considering his wedding photography budget, I had to skip that project as the amount was way below my starting package. He didn’t even get any other good wedding photographer in Kolkata in that budget.

He went ahead and booked an inexperienced photographer who never did photography at any wedding before. He did some bridal shoots in controlled environments and that my friend got influenced with those works. Little did he know that there is a huge difference between bridal shoots and wedding photography in Kolkata. The best thing according to my friend was that he was saving more!

When the photographer delivered his wedding photographs, my friend was shattered seeing the output. He was then lamenting because of his decision but by that time his memories were gone! When he showed me his wedding photographs, I found that the photographer he hired didn’t even have the minimum technical knowledge about photography.

Bengali weddings in Kolkata are quite challenging. Therefore, you should always look for the best wedding photographers in Kolkata for quality work. It’s apparent that you will have to spend more but the output that you will be getting would be a rewarding experience for you!


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